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Add unlimited extra product options by using a variety of field types like text area, text field, upload file, dropdown, checkboxes, multiple select, etc. WooCommerce product add-ons plugin simplifies product customization for the end users.

In addition to product wise options, you can create global options that are attached to selective products & categories. This saves your time as you dont have to create custom options for each product. You can create individual options or multiple set of options and assign them to different products and categories.

Imagine the ability to assign product options to thousands of products in just 5 minutes. The Pizza category can have its own set of options, the drinks category can have its own options, All or each specific shirts type can have their own custom options, etc.

New Features

  • Option to add specific product to sell
  • Option to display options' price separately or dynamically
  • Option to display fields after add to cart button
  • Don't display in cart & checkout option with each field
  • Don't display in order details option with each field
  • New Fields: Number, heading,

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Create Extra Product Options to Sell More

WooCommerce product input fields plugin allows you to create custom product options to let customer select additional add-ons that complements the primary product or enhances its functionality. Select fields type according to the custom option so that users can easily select their preferences.

Add Conditional Fields for Product Options

WooCommerce product options plugin let you add conditional fields to create product options. It displays the specific fields when the condition is satisfied.

Replaces Product Image with Selected Addon

It replaces the product image with selected addon image when customers select any radio options.

Price only Once No Matter the Quantity Order

You have the option to charge addons' price only once, no matter the quantity order or multiply addons' price by product quantity.

Multiple Input Types for WooCommerce Product Add-ons Plugin

WooCommerce Product addons plugin have a variety of custom options for adding to product pages. You can add a field that best describes a product feature. Following are the available input types for adding custom fields to the landing pages.

  • Text Field – Add a text field to the product page to let the users write one line message. For example, a customer can write initials of his name and spouse name to be embossed on a wedding ring.
  • Text Area – Create a text area option and the users can write multiple lines about a product. if selling a t-shirt, let the users submit a message of multiple lines or other customization instructions.
  • File Upload – Add a file upload option to products so that users can submit a file as an example. For example, a customer wants a dress to be designed as the one they have in a picture.
  • Drop down – Place a drop-down menu to allow users easily select an option they need. For instance, a user can select a preferred color or size of jeans from a dropdown list.
  • Radio button – Showcase product attribute in the shape of radio buttons so that users can select it with a click. It does not require navigating through a drop-down menu.
  • Checkbox – Represent custom options in terms of checkboxes so that your potential customers can tick the features or product add-ons they need. It allows checking multiple boxes.
  • Simple Checkbox – Add a simple checkbox with a single option as it. For multiple rowed options, you can utilize the checkbox option discussed earlier.
  • Multiple Select – Create multiple select options to let the users choose more than one product attribute. For example, a user requires a shirt in black as well as red color, he can select both.
  • Date and Time – Allow users to pick a date and time that is relevant to the product. For example, a gift shop can allow users to select a specific date and time to deliver a present.
  • Color Picker – Create a color picking option that allows your potential customers to shop for a product in their preferred color. You can charge more for specific color selection.
  • Google Fonts – Display an option to select a font type among Google fonts for product personalization. Let your customer design, print, engrave, or paint the product in a font style of their choice.
  • Google Map – With Google map option, you can allow customers to select the location on map to receive the consignment.
  • Range Picker – Create a range for users to pick between a minimum and maximum value. Let them easily select size, or any product attribute with a quick range picker field.

Create and Attach Global Options to Specific Products and Categories

WooCommerce product input fields plugin allows you to create global options that can be added to multiple products and categories. This saves a lot of your valuable time. You can create a global add-on rule with a variety of custom options and apply them to selected products or categories.

Follow 3 Steps to Create Global Product Options

Add Product-Specific Options

With WooCommerce product options plugin, you can add unlimited options for a product to better showcase its features, attributes, and variety in color, size, design, etc. It allows you to create and customize each option so that users can easily understand and respond their preferences.

Exclude Global Options

WooCommerce product add-ons plugin also enables exclude global option which allow you to overrule the global options attached to a product and create customized one for specific products. It simplifies managing product add-ons.

Enable Price Per Character for Text and Text Area Field

With WooCommerce custom product fields plugin you can also set price per character to charge customers an extra amount for customization a product with the name, initials, or a phrase. Set a price for printing, embossing, or engraving a character for personalizing products like cups, t-shirts, p-caps, cards, etc.

Manage Stock of Product Options

You can also manage the stock of additional product option. It hides the out of stock product options on the product page.

Import and Export Product Options

You can also import and export the product options in CSV file from your e-store.

Additional Features of WooCommerce Product Options Plugin

  • Allow certain extensions in file upload options like .pdf, .docx, etc.
  • Select price type as Fixed or Percentage for the custom fields
  • Add custom images to radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Additional price for an add-on appears on product pages
  • Customer data against custom options appear in backend
  • Product custom options are displayed in the customer account as well
  • Product options and replies are shown on cart, checkout, and order confirmation email


1. Does user selected options are displayed on order, cart and checkout page?

Ans. Yes, user selected options are displayed on order, cart and checkout page.

2. Does this work with product variations?

Ans. It works with variable products but not with individual variations.

Description in Dautch

Voeg onbeperkt extra productopties toe door gebruik te maken van een verscheidenheid aan veldtypen zoals tekstgebied, tekstveld, uploadbestand, dropdown, selectievakjes, meervoudige selectie, enz. WooCommerceproduct add-ons plugin vereenvoudigt de productaanpassing voor de eindgebruikers.

Naast productgerichte opties kunt u globale opties creëren die gekoppeld zijn aan selectieve producten en categorieën. Dit bespaart u tijd, omdat u niet voor elk product maatwerkopties hoeft te creëren. U kunt individuele opties of meerdere sets van opties maken en deze toewijzen aan verschillende producten en categorieën.

Belangrijkste kenmerken Hoogtepunten:

  • 13 Soorten velden om extra productopties te creëren
  • Productopties aanmaken op productniveau
  • Globale opties met specifieke producten en categorieën maken en toevoegen
  • Prijs per teken Eigenschap voor Tekst- en Tekstgebiedsveld
  • Aangepaste afbeeldingen aan radioknoppen en selectievakjes toevoegen
  • De door de gebruiker geselecteerde opties worden weergegeven op de bestel-, winkel- en afrekenpagina.
  • Voorwaardelijke velden voor productopties toevoegen
  • Beheer van de voorraad van productopties
  • Nieuwe velden: Kleurenkiezer, Google Map, Google Fonts, Range Select Bar
  • Optie om slechts één keer de prijs voor elke optie in te stellen, maakt het niet uit wat de hoeveelheidsorder is
  • Productopties importeren en exporteren
  • Compatibel met WPML
  • Compatibel met WooCommerce Plugin voor prijscalculator (nieuw)

Description in French

Ajoutez un nombre illimité d'options de produits supplémentaires en utilisant une variété de types de champs tels que zone de texte, champ texte, fichier de téléchargement, listedéroulante, cases à cocher, sélection multiple, etc. Le plugin d'add-ons de produits WooCommerce simplifie la personnalisation des produits pour les utilisateurs finaux.
En plus des options par produit, vous pouvez créer des options globales qui sontattachées à des produits et catégories sélectifs.Cela Vous Permet de gagner du temps car vous n'avez pas à créer d'options personnalisées pour chaque produit. Vous Pouvez Créer des options individuelle ou plusieurs ensembles d'options et les affecter à différents produits et catégories.

Principales Caractéristiques:/

  • 13 types de champs pour créer des options deproduits supplémentaires
  • Créer des options de produit au niveau du produit
  • Créer et joindre des options globales avec des produits et des catégories spécifiques
  • Prix par caractère pour le texte et la zone de zone de texte
  • Ajouter des images personnalisées aux boutons radio et aux cases à cocher
  • Les options sélectionnées par l'utilisateur š'affichent sur la page de commande, de panier et de paiement.
  • Ajouter des champs conditionnels pour les options de produit
  • Gérer le stock d'options de produits
  • Nouveaux champs : Color Picker, Google Map, Google Fonts, Barre de sélection de gamme
  • Option de ne fixer le prix qu'une seule fois pour chaque option, peu importe la quantité commandée
  • Options d'importation et d'exportation de produits
  • Compatible avec WPML
  • Compatible avec le plugin de calculateur de prix WooCommerce

Description in Italian

Aggiungi opzioni di prodotto extra illimitate utilizzando una varietà di tipi di campo come area di testo, campo di testo, file di caricamento, menu a discesa, caselle di selezione, selezione multipla, ecc. Il plug-in di WooCommerce per prodotti semplifica la personalizzazione del prodotto per gli utenti.

Oltre alle opzioni di prodotto, è possibile creare opzioni globali associate a prodotti e categorie selettive. Ciò consente di risparmiare tempo in quanto non è necessario creare opzioni personalizzate per ciascun prodotto. È possibile creare singole opzioni o più set di opzioni e assegnarle a diversi prodotti e categorie.

Caratteristiche principali:

  • 13 Tipi di Campi per Creare Opzioni di Prodotto Extra
  • Creare Opzioni di Prodotto a Livello di Prodotto
  • Creare e Collegare Opzioni Globali con Prodotti e Categorie Specifici
  • Prezzo per Caratteristica cCratteri per Campo di Testo e Area di Testo
  • Aggiungi Immagini Personalizzate a Pulsanti Eadio e Caselle
  • Le opzioni selezionate dall'utente sono visualizzate su ordine, carrello e pagina di pagamento
  • Aggiungi campi condizionali per le opzioni del prodotto
  • Gestisci stock di opzioni di prodotto
  • Nuovi campi: Color Picker, Google Map, Google Fonts, Range Select Bar
  • Opzione per impostare il prezzo solo una volta per ciascuna opzione, senza considerare l'ordine per quantità
  • Importare ed esportare le opzioni del prodotto
  • Compatibile con WPML
  • Compatibile con WooCommerce Price Calculator Plugin

Description in Spanish

Añade opciones de productos adicionales ilimitadas usando varios tipos de campo como áreas de texto, campos de texto, subida de archivos, listas desplegables, casillas de verificación, selecciones múltiples, etc. El plugin de complementos de productos para WooCommerce simplifica la personalización de los productos para los usuarios finales.

Además de opciones globales para todos los productos, puedes crear opciones que se aplican a productos y categorías seleccionados. Esto te ahorra tiempo, ya que no tienes que crear opciones personalizadas para cada producto. Puedes crear opciones individuales o un conjunto múltiple de opciones y asignarlas a diferentes productos y categorías.

Características destacadas:

  • 13 tipos de campos para crear opciones de productos adicionales
  • Crea opciones de productos a nivel de producto
  • Crea y aplica opciones globales a productos y categorías específicos
  • Función de Precio por Carácter para los campos de texto y área de texto
  • Añade imágenes personalizadas a los botones de radio y las casillas de verificación
  • Las opciones seleccionadas por el usuario se muestran en la página de Pedido, Carrito y Pago
  • Añade campos condicionales para las opciones de productos
  • Gestiona el stock de las opciones de productos
  • Nuevos campos: selector de colores, mapa de Google, fuentes de Google, barra de selección de rango
  • Opción de fijar el precio sólo una vez para cada opción, sin importar la cantidad de pedido
  • Opción de importar y exportar productos
  • Compatible con WPML
  • Compatible con el plugin Calculadora de Precios para WooCommerce

Description in German

Fügen Sie unbegrenzte zusätzliche Produktoptionen hinzu, indem Sie eine Vielzahl von Feldtypen wie Textbereich, Textfeld, Upload-Datei, Dropdown-Menü, Kontrollkästchen, Mehrfachauswahl usw. verwenden. WooCommerce Product Add-ons Plugin vereinfacht die Produktanpassung für den Endverbraucher.
Zusätzlich zu den produktbezogenen Optionen können Sie globale Optionen erstellen, die an ausgewählte Produkte und Kategorien angehängt sind. Dies spart Ihnen Zeit, da Sie nicht für jedes Produkt eigene Optionen erstellen müssen. Sie können einzelne Optionen oder mehrere Optionssätze erstellen und diesen verschiedenen Produkten und Kategorien zuordnen.

Wichtigste Hauptfunktionen:

  • 13 Arten von Feldern zum Erstellen zusätzlicher Produktoptionen
  • Produktoptionen auf Produktebene anlegen
  • Erstellen und Anhängen von globalen Optionen mit bestimmten Produkten und Kategorien
  • Preis pro Zeichenmerkmal für Text und Textbereichsfeld
  • Hinzufügen von benutzerdefinierten Bildern zu Auswahlknöpfen und Kontrollkästchen
  • Die vom Benutzer ausgewählten Optionen werden auf der Bestell-, Warenkorb- und Checkout-Seite angezeigt
  • Hinzufügen von bedingten Feldern für Produktoptionen
  • Verwalten des Bestands an Produktoptionen
  • Neue Felder: Color Picker, Google Maps, Google Fonts, Bereichsauswahlleiste
  • Option, den Preis nur einmal für jede Option festzulegen, unabhängig von der Menge der Bestellung
  • Produktoptionen Importieren und Exportieren
  • Kompatibel mit WPML
  • Kompatibel mit WooCommerce Preisrechner Plugin

Change Log

Version 3.0.1
Import Export Feature Issue Fixed
Version 3.0.0 Updated:
New Features:
Don't display in cart & checkout option with each field
Don't display in order details option with each field
New Fields: Number, heading,
Option to display fields after add to cart button
Option to add specific product to sell
Option to display additional price separately or with product price on product page

Version 2.1.2 Updated:
Bug Fixes
Version 2.1.1 Updated:
Checkbox validation resolved
Rules applied on same category issue resolved
Version 2.1.0 Updated:
Compatible with Extendons WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin
Compatible with Extendons WooCommerce Mix & Match Plugin
Version 1.9.0:
Issue fix with Price Once charged option with radio buttons.
Version 1.8.0:
WPML Compatible
Version 1.7.0:
Bug Fixex:
1) Price calculation errors on product page and in cart are removed.
Version 1.6.0:
New Features added:
1) Color picker fields
2) Google font pick
3) Display map
4) Range select bar field
5) Price only once no matter the quantity order
6) Import Export for options
Version 1.5.0:
New Features added:
1) Conditional Logic.
2) Custom option's stock management.
Version 1.4.0:
Bug Fixed:
1) issue fixed with simple radio button, Price was not adding in the cart.
Version 1.3.0:
New Features Added:
1) Rule Base custom options for product. You can apply on products and categories wise products
Version 1.2.0:
New Features Added:
1) Price Per Character option for Text field and Textarea.
2) Simple Radio Button option.
Version 1.1.0:
New Features added:
1) Following languages translations has been added.
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch 
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of pluign

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