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Droppy - Partage de fichiers en ligne - 1
Droppy - Partage de fichiers en ligne - 2

Droppy est une plate-forme de partage de fichiers en ligne qui peut être utilisée pour partager plusieurs fichiers entre amis, famille et collègues. Les fichiers peuvent être envoyés par e-mail ou via une URL qui peut être partagée avec toutes les personnes que vous souhaitez.


V2.1.9 (10 July, 2019)
- Added option to define maximum upload chunk size in the admin panel
- Fixed an issue where downloads were corrupted

V2.1.8 (10 July, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where upload password field was locked for premium users
- Fixed an issue where the direct open link wouldn't open the right modal on the mobile version
- Fixed an issue with the favicon file not loading on download page.

V2.1.7 (10 July, 2019)
- Added a delay to the "Okay" button after starting the download
- Fixed an issue where {size} placeholder in emails was showing the incorrect file size
- Fixed an issue where meta keywords weren't included in the mobile version
- Updated the project framework
- Decreased the total project size of Droppy

V2.1.6 (31 May, 2019)
- Added validate email address function to contact form 
- Contact form will no longer disappear after sending an email
- The recaptcha in the contact form is now optional (Disable it by leaving the site key and secret key empty in the admin panel)
- Users will be redirect back to the home page when trying to access the /upload page
- Improved zipping speed, this causes a minor increase in file size
- Issue where browser would report errors when leaving the recaptcha site key empty
- Height of plugin views
- Issue with email library in PHP 7.2+
- Issue with automatic updater

V2.1.5 (7 May, 2019)
- Added separate translation values for contact input placeholders
- Fixed an issue with incorrect file size in emails when file is larger than 1 GB
- Fixed an issue with links not showing correctly in the success alert.

V2.1.4 (6 May, 2019)
- Added contact form (needs to be enabled in the admin panel)
- Added contact form settings to the admin panel
- Added recaptcha settings to the admin panel
- Added new manual update functions
- Added site keywords setting to the general settings page for SEO
- The file size in emails will now be shown as KB, MB or GB depending on the file size (Make sure to update your email templates)
- Changed the upload speed from Megabytes per second to Megabits per second (The speed most ISPs will advertise)
- The uploader will now show the total file size and file size left in Gigabytes when the total size is greater than 1000 Megabyte
- Fixed an issue with redirecting after selecting an email template language

V2.1.2 (11 April, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where the dashboard button in the admin panel would redirect to the home page when installed in subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the logo wouldn't show in the admin panel when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the admin logout button wouldn't work when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the upload complete image wouldn't show when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the upload password option would always be disabled
- Fixed an issue where mobile navbar would stay open after opening clicking one of the menu items
- Fixed an issue where the installation would not properly set the url to https when installing Droppy
- Fixed a possible memory leak in the file upload library

- Fixed issue with admin redirect when installed in subdirectory
- Fixed issue where adding language would not add the "directory" correctly.
- Fixed issue with new language email templates not loading properly.
- Fixed issue that caused the destruct email to be sent to an empty email.
- Fixed oldtimer theme page styling
- Fixed issue with emails not showing correctly when using specific SMTP providers
- The upload button will be disabled for a second to prevent spamming
- German translation

- Delete_old_date was set to true by default in the config.php, this is now set to false.
- Decreased automatic cleanup of failed/incomplete uploads to 12 hours
- Fixed issue where temp files weren't purged from the temp directory
- Fixed issue pagination on admin downloads page
- Fixed password always showing "Yes" on uploads page
- The error message "Some files were too large" will disappear when removing files from the queue.

V2.0.9 (15 March, 2019)
- Fixed cancel button translation
- Fixed alignments ad section
- Fixed ad showing on login page
- Fixed issue where you couldn't remove a recipient from the list (Upload form)
- Fixed issue where ad wouldn't keep padding on top when adding a file/recipient

- Fixed issue where it was possible to submit upload without selecting files.
- Fixed issue with background video not scaling when changing screen width/height
- Fixed ad design (some alignment issues)
- Fixed some more issues with the email design of the sendEmailClean function
- Duration column to backgrounds page.
- You can now close the settings window by clicking the gear icon again.

- Fixed {start_password} and {end_password} not available in sender email.
- Fixed side window not closing on terms page
- Fixed mail logo not passed to sendEmailClean function

- Fixed some minor coding flaws
- Added {start_password} and {end_password} tags to email templates (All the text between these tags will not be shown when there's no password set)
- Admin panel login background

- Fixed issues with the upload size.
- Fixed missing popup when leaving the page while uploading.
- Fixed error not showing up when entering wrong password for upload
- Fixed error not showing up when there's an invalid login for the admin panel
- Fixed error message "no decode delegate" 
- Fixed issue where some browsers weren't able to download encrypted files (file size in header was incorrect)
- Fixed the upload cancel button
- Added cache purge for browser cache.

- Fixed mouse hover on sidebar links.
- {password} email tag is back in the receivers email template
- Improved form validation
- Removed logo from mobile page
- Download page styling on mobile
- Issue where external plugin (S3, FTP) were not able to do uploads with more than 1 file.

- Issue where total upload size wasn't shown in the email (Caused by V2.0.2)
- Fixed issue where assets wouldn't load when Droppy is installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed email styling in outlook
- Fixed email styling on mobile
- Removed some debugging lines
- Issue where changing the default language from english to something else would cause errors to show up on different places
- Slightly improved authentication security
- Issue where website would be inaccessible/stuck while downloading.
- Fixed issue where S3 didn't show the file size while downloading.
- Option "Set default" to language page.
- Updater has been moved to external update library, with support for multiple SQL files.
- Site logo to the top of the emails
- Logout button when page is locked for upload or both download and upload
- New translation "logout" 

- Language translation in javascript were always english (File upload alerts etc.)
- Reply-to email in the file receivers email has been changed to the sender's email address
- Fixed issue where there was no "Maximum files" alert after selecting too many files.
- Fixed issue where small file uploads (1-100 kb) would show 0 as total files and size.
- Fixed issue where modals on mobile wouldn't show on the download page
- Fixed issue where the "View terms" wasn't visible on mobile
- Some extra paddings on mobile
- Option to specify timezone (Settings -> General settings)

- Issue where uploads page wouldn't load in the admin panel
- Issue where the "Link" form would not load when the default has been set to "Link" 
- Issue where destruct buttons would dissapear when set to "Yes" 
- The accept the terms page was missing
- The installation will now the proper path to the language directories
- Fixed the path of "Here" button on the template page
- Fixed incomplete uploads cron
- Fixed files that are still uploaded even though you removed them from the file selection list.
- Fixed error message shown on the admin uploads page while someone is uploading a file.
- Option to specify the language directoy name and language name.
- Mobile version of Droppy has been added again.
- Added message column to uploads page
- Added grey border around the boxes
- Added delete_old_data option
- Added manual update option

- Entire codebase has been rewritten from scratch
- Chunked file uploads ! (Sending files to the server in small pieces)
- New background library for smoother transitions
- Specify the length(time) of each background
- New (more secure) password hashing
- Email placeholder {expire_time} format has been changed
- Backgrounds do now have their own page in the admin panel
- Setting a default language can now be done from the language page in the admin panel
- Encrypting method for files has been changed to openssl
- File decryption will now happen while downloading a file
- Site backgrounds are now shown on the login page

- {password} email tag has been removed
- Dropped support for PHP version lower than 7, PHP 7 or higher should be used from now on.

- Issue where user wasn't able to go to the download page after uploading (constantly loading until the actual upload finished processing).

V 1.4.6 (16 October, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where upload was not assigned to premium user
* Added: "Are you sure" message to translation files

V 1.4.5 (31 July, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue when only 1 background image was uploaded
* Fixed: "Default email to" vulnerability
* Fixed: Theme preview links in the admin panel
* Fixed: Issue where upload progress wasn't showing when selected file was too large
* Fixed: Copy button on upload page
* Fixed: Some errors being caused by the loading of the plugins tabs
* Fixed: Issue with file deletion on report
* Added: Confirmation message on upload cancel
* Added: Arabic language file
* Removed: "Pages" tab from the admin panel

V 1.4.4 (09 April, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where the background video wasn't showing when it was the only available background source.
* Fixed: Admin panel vulnerability.
* Fixed: Issue that caused the "Okay" button to redirect to the wrong location.

V 1.4.3 (19 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue that caused the page to become scrollable when a background video was playing
* Fixed: Issue where some themes weren't showing the upload settings sidebar correctly.
* Fixed: Improved fade-in and fade-out effect of video backgrounds.
* Fixed: Issues with filename escaping since update 1.4.0

V 1.4.2 (09 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where premium plugin pages weren't showing on the mobile page.

V 1.4.1 (4 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where "Upload not found" page was shown when the terms weren't accepted.

V 1.4.0 (27 February, 2017)
* Added: New improved file/directory structure.
* Added: New improved upload code.
* Added: New rewrite to access the pages more SEO friendly. (E.g http://yourdomain.com/page/premium). (The old URL still works)
* Added: You are now able to add an comma separated email list to the receiver field.
* Added: Confirmation popup when user closes website while uploading.
* Added: Support for background videos (MP4 only).
* Added: File upload encryption (This is an option and by default disabled).
* Fixed: Issue with special characters in file name.
* Fixed: Installation and upload issues when MySql strict mode is enabled.
* Fixed: Issue where old rows weren't automatically deleted from the database (if enabled).
* Fixed: Report button on mobile version.

V 1.3.5 (14 February, 2017)
* Fixed: Vulnerabilities in the admin panel.

V 1.3.4 (28 January, 2017)
* Fixed: Included some missing stylesheets

V 1.3.3 (18 January, 2017)
* Fixed: Updated PHPMailer to prevent possible vulnerabilities.
* Fixed: The system will not be able create an upload with the same id anymore.

V 1.3.2 (28 August, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue where not destroyed files where removed from the DB.
* Fixed: Issue where message was not looking correctly on the download page.
* Fixed: Issue where file size in emails was incorrectly.
* Improved: Admin panel security
* Added: Support for new plugin
* Added: Cancel upload button
* Added: You can now upload/delete backgrounds through the admin panel.

V 1.3.1 (13 June, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue where download page was showing ?Upload not found? when the file was still processing.
* Fixed: Issue where file size was showing a negative number.
* Added: Function that will automatically remove an upload that is processing for more than 1 Day (86400 sec).
* Fixed: Some small typos, and improved coding.

V 1.3.0 (25 April, 2016)
* Added: Italian translation
* Added: Reply-To header to the emails
* Fixed: Issue where upload form was getting taller every time a recipient was added.
* Fixed: Issue with an empty email input.
* Fixed: Issue where it wasn?t possible to allow all file types.
* Fixed: Issue where it wasn?t possible to change the language on the mobile version.
* Fixed: File sizes are now more precise (MB / KB).
* Improved: Upload speed indicator.

V 1.2.9 (28 March, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue with Drag & Drop

V 1.2.8 (28 March, 2016)
* Added: Selected file list to mobile version.
* Added: "About us" tab to terms popup.
* Added: System requirements validation to the installation.
* Added: Updater will now remove the downloaded zip file after updating.
* Added: You can now leave the background URL inputs blank so it won?t redirect.
* Fixed: Issue where password was undefined (Always set)
* Fixed: Issue where remaining GB was incorrect after too many files were selected.
* Fixed: Issue where selected GB was incorrect.
* Fixed: Issue that was causing Safari to redirect on file selection.
* Fixed: Scrolling issue.

V 1.2.7 (1 March, 2016)
* Added: Drag & Drop functionality.
* Added: Possibility to add files from different folders/directories.
* Added: Possibility to drop a whole folder/directory.
* Added: List of selected files before uploading.
* Added: Option to remove a specific file before uploading.
* Added: ?None? as security option for the SMTP connection.
* Added: The upload section will now check the file file types before uploading.
* Added: Option to set the default email to which all uploads should go.
* Fixed: Issue where downloads were not counting.
* Fixed: Security issue with language function.
* Fixed: Issue where page crashes when language was not found.
* Fixed: Issue where background urls and images where not matching or incorrectly.
* Fixed: Issue where emails were sent to the spam folder.
* Fixed: Security issue with admin panel.
* Fixed: Issue with Turkish translation.
* Fixed: Some other small minor issues.
* Updated: Font-awesome.
* Improved: Upload system has become more ?stable?.

V 1.2.6 (19 December, 2015)
* Added: The update.php file will now remove itself after updating.
* Fixed: Issue where uploaded files were duplicated in the tmp/ directory.
* Fixed: Weeks, days, hours and months are now translatable.

V 1.2.5 (18 December, 2015)
* Added: Uploader can now download his/her own files.
* Added: Droppy will now remember the user?s language when sending the emails.
* Added: New improved email system.
* Fixed: Issue with errors on login page.
* Fixed: Issue with login background.
* Fixed: Issue with speed indicator.
* Fixed: Email styling for G-Mail and other email clients.
* Fixed: Empty emails when file was removed by cron job.
* Fixed: Some issues with accessing files (You are not allowed to view this file message).
* Improved: Some coding structure.

V 1.2.4 (13 December, 2015)
* Fixed: Email messages where empty when language was not set.
* Fixed: Issue where upload could be submitted with not valid email addresses.

V 1.2.3 (13 December, 2015)
* Added: View terms button to agree terms page.
* Added: Navbar to the mobile page (To view all the tabs).
* Added: Translatable email messages.
* Fixed: Issue where users weren?t able to visit the page while downloading.
* Fixed: Issue where accept terms was still showing up on mobile page.
* Fixed: Issue where password was always showing ?Yes? (Admin panel).
* Fixed: Issue where password field on was not checked if it was empty.
* Fixed: ?Email to? will now show the email instead of ?Droppy user?.
* Fixed: Some styling issues.
* Improved: Automatic updater.

V 1.2.2 (20 November, 2015)
* Added: The email recipients input will now be validated and checked if empty.
* Added: New system to check the latest version.
* Added: ?Uploaded of? to translation.
* Added: Upload speed indicator
* Added: Destruction date to download page.
* Added: Notification when update server is offline
* Added: Analytics code field to general settings page.
* Added: Option to force the users to accept the terms of service.
* Fixed: Issue where destruction email shortcodes where not replaced using admin destruction.
* Fixed: Issue where upload was not downloading.
* Fixed: Issue with advertisement on mobile page.
* Fixed: Some small issues with the download header.
* Fixed: Some minor styling issues.

V 1.2.1 (5 November)
* Fixed: Some general issues.

V 1.2.0 (2 November)
* Added: Some functions for future plugins
* Added: New time destruction system.
* Added: Option to disable/enable password function.
* Added: System log page (Admin panel).
* Fixed: Some misspelled text.
* Fixed: Some uploading issues.
* Improved: Mobile detection.

V 1.1.5 (5 October, 2015)
* Added: Function to add custom themes.
* Added: Plugin updater function.
* Added: Download email to download list
* Added: New (simple) theme.
* Added: Hand cursor when hovering over the background.
* Added: Default share type option.
* Added: Background is now randomised.
* Added: New admin panel design.
* Fixed: Some bug fixes.

V 1.1.4 (21 September, 2015)
* Fixed: Bug where users weren't able to download files.
* Fixed: Some updating issues.

V 1.1.3 (20 September, 2015)
* Added: Support for mobile/tablet uploading
* Added: ?Total downloads? value in the uploads table.
* Added: Remaining upload time while uploading
* Added: Mobile responsive
* Added: Turkish translation
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes
* Improved: Coding of the script
* Improved: Some re-designing

V 1.1.2 (30 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes

V 1.1.1 (12 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Issues with the installation
* Fixed: Issues with automatic updater

V 1.1.0 (12 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Some updating issues
* Fixed: Logo height issue.

V 1.0.9 (11 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Issue when downloading multiple times.
* Fixed: Issue with Droppy logo won?t change.
* Added: Support for plugins
* Added: Automatic plugin installer
* Added: Automatic updater for Droppy (You can now update Droppy with 1 single click)
* Improved: Installation

V 1.0.8 (17 July, 2015)
* Fixed: Issue with cron job.
* Fixed: Issue with height of upload message area.
* Fixed: Problem when 1 single background has been set.
* Fixed: Problem with secret URLs that are allocated to the receiver of the file(s).
* Added: French translation.

V 1.0.7 (9 July, 2015)
* Added: Option to lock down the upload and/or download.
* Added: {email_list} tag.
* Added: {item_list} tag.
* Added: User can now select between multiple languages from the front page.
* Added: Advertising support.
* Added: Terms of service page.
* Added: About us page.
* Added: Copy URL button.
* Added: Function to disable the expire time.
* Added: More expire times (Months).
* Added: Reminder to change the tmp directory permissions.
* Added: Possibility to change the email receiver name.
* Added: Function to remove the added recipients
* Improved: Design of upload settings menu.
* Improved: Nearly all of the email tags are now available on all the email templates.
* Improved: Upload speed when using ?Link? function (message ?Generating Link? removed).
* Fixed: Some small email issues.
* Fixed: Max upload size will now show GB when higher than 1000MB
* Fixed: Some installation issues
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

V 1.0.6 (10 June, 2015)
* Improved: New upload system
* Improved: New download system
* Improved: URL privacy (No emails in the URL anymore)
* Improved: Windows OS improvements
* Added: Possible to sort table views in admin panel
* Added: Possible to view all the rows in tables
* Added: Option to automatically destroy file after certain amount of reports
* Added: Option to change the password and email of the admin user
* Added: Option to restore admin password
* Fixed: Small minor bug fixes

V 1.0.5 (4 April, 2015)
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes

V 1.0.4 (30 March, 2015)
* Added: Upload report system.
* Added: Social button links will now open in a new tab
* Added: Variable {download_btn}.
* Added: Variable {password}.
* Added: Clickable file id to uploads and downloads table in the admin panel.
* Added: Social buttons to all pages.
* Added: Social buttons will now open into a new tab.
* Added: Email when receiver has downloaded the file(s).
* Added: Error message when file size to large.
* Fixed: File names in a zip file will now be their old name.
* Fixed: Problems that not all the files were zipped into one zip file.
* Fixed: Some meta tags improvements.
* Improved: Better styling for the receivers section on upload page.
* Improved: Some styling and error messages.
* Improved: Responsive improvements.
* Improved: Uploading function.

V 1.0.3 (11 March 2015)
* Fixed: Bug droppy not working with subdirectory.
* Fixed: Some email template character coding.
* Fixed: Some little bugs.
* Added: {email_to} tag to the email templates.
* Added: Social buttons to the download page.
* Added: Option to admin panel to update your current url.
* Change: Made some small changes to the translation.

V 1.0.2 (8 March, 2015)
* Fixed: "-" and "," not working propperly in filename.
* Fixed: Social logo settings not working properly.
* Fixed: Upload settings section not closing/opening in some browsers.
* Fixed: Success message when user clicks the download button.
* Fixed: UTF-8 coding in email templates settings (Russian language etc.)
* Fixed: Translation bug.
* Added: Multiple website backgrounds with live update after set seconds.
* Added: Clickable background url per background image.
* Added: Email when destruct upload from admin panel
* Added: German translation.
* Added: Function to disallow specific file types
* Added: Download page in the admin panel.
* Added: {password} option added to email templates
* Changed: Replaced the social buttons (For future plans).

V-1.0.1 (3 March, 2015)
* Fixed: Some errors and bug fixes.
* Fixed: Email bug.
* Fixed: Translation bug.

V-1.0 (2 March, 2015)
* Release

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