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AutoStars est un thème WordPress puissant et entièrement fonctionnel conçu et développé pour les entreprises de concessionnaires automobiles, les sites Web d’annonces automatiques et est pratique pour tout type de sites Web d’annonces comme l’immobilier, les cours, etc.




  1. Bootstrap Twitter
  2. Plugin Slider Revolution (d’une valeur de 26 $)
  3. 25+ fichiers PSD en couches complètes
  4. Prêt pour la rétine et entièrement réactif
  5. Gestion des annonces frontales
  6. Modèle de blog et de liste de styles multiples
  7. Tableau de bord utilisateur puissant
  8. Plusieurs pages de styles de galerie
  9. Page de détails des véhicules
  10. 4 styles d’en-tête
  11. 12 schémas de couleurs prédéfinis et options de couleurs illimitées
  12. Formulaire de contact de travail
  13. Dispositions en boîte et larges
  14. Galeries isotopiques (valeur de 25 $)
  15. Font Awesome Web-Font Icônes
  16. Police Web de 150 icônes de ligne
  17. Effets de curseur multiples
  18. Assistance Google Fonts
  19. SEO optimisé
  20. Google Maps
  21. Prise en charge du toucher / glisser pour les curseurs
  22. Prêt pour la rétine et entièrement réactif
  23. Bien documenté pour un montage facile
  24. Compatible avec tous les derniers navigateurs
  25. Galerie de tri réactif
  26. Dernier widget de flux Twitter

N’oubliez pas de noter notre modèle si vous aimez l’utiliser  :)


L’assistance est fournie via notre système de tickets dédié à tous les acheteurs de thèmes vérifiés. Inscrivez-vous au système de billetterie en utilisant votre compte Envato pour un accès rapide.


Bootstrap Twitter

Les images de l’aperçu en direct ne sont pas incluses dans le modèle.

Journal des modifications

v2.4 – 15 août 2020

UPDATED! Compatibility for WP version 5.5
UPDATED! imithemes listing plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v2.3 – 03 janvier 2020

UPDATE! Widgets removed from theme as notice
UPDATED! imithemes listing plugin

v2.2 – 17 novembre 2019

NEW! AutoStars Dashboard added for users to see all things in a single place
UPDATED! Demo importer for more seamless one click import
UPDATED! js conditional loading to improve site speed
UPDATED! Tabs widget for page builder to support tinymce for content
UPDATED! Theme file structure to load all assets from a single location/folder
UPDATED! Language .pot file
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
UPDATED! Metabox plugin
UPDATED! Meta boxes to support conditional show hide using official plugin
UPDATED! Custom post types to use dashicons instead of legacy icons
UPDATED! Demo data
UPDATED! Replaced placholder images in demo data with real images
UPDATED! Custom widgets to support latest version of PHP
UPDATED! Event date to show full year instead of short
FIXED! PHP Warning in WP Admin for Megamenu
FIXED! Events category color not working for recurring events
FIXED! Additional line break in shortcodes while using within the page builder editor widget
FIXED! Event counter is not showing correct time
FIXED! Events list widget not showing all events button text
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v2.1 – 30 mars 2018

UPDATED! Revolution Slider plugin
FIXED! A styling bug in dashboard menu page with item edit screen
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v2.0 – 31 janvier 2018

UPDATED! Slider Revolution plugin to latest version
UPDATED! TGM Class to latest version
UPDATED! imi classifieds plugin
UPDATED! imi listings plugin
UPDATED! Add listing page to show all classified settings
UPDATED! Widgets to support PHP version 7.0+
ADDED! Woocommerce gallery and lightbox support
FIXED! Some bugs with the demo importer
FIXED! Quick pagination with main pagination not working
FIXED! An issue with number slider values
FIXED! An issue with registration widget
FIXED! Captcha not getting disabled in registration widget
FIXED! Email charset getting bugged when HTML characters used with language translation
FIXED! A bug with listing shortcode
FIXED! Duplicate terms showing in listing admin list
FIXED! Duplicated tags are showing on listing details page
FIXED! Some WPML bugs
FIXED! Bugs with few page templates including home style 3 etc.
FIXED! Tab active problem won listing details page
FIXED! Demo importer not working with PHP 7.0+
FIXED! Gallery image in popup should be full size
FIXED! google maps api URL not using secure URL https
FIXED! Some styling issue with woocommerce

v1.9 – 17 mars 2017

IMPROVED! Child values response time
IMPROVED! When a direct URL is reached with search filter, it's active filter doesn't gets added above the filters which makes the filter duplicate when clicked again
IMPROVED! Filter values in URL is now removed when filter is removed from above the search filters on listing page
UPDATED! add-listing.js file
IMPROVED! Pagination arrow icons for first and last page links
UPDATED! imi classifieds plugin
UPDATED! template-listing.php
UPDATED! init.js file
UPDATED! Listing comparison function
FIXED! When listing per page option is used then the equal height not working
FIXED! Pagination is not showing on listing taxonomy pages
FIXED! Meta box files not getting enqueued when required at some points
FIXED! URL encode function updated for search URL
FIXED! Added some missing translation strings
FIXED! Categories list blocks not responsive
FIXED! Home page 2 template doesn't have option to change bg image for recent listed vehicles
FIXED! Location map tab on listing details page should be blocked when used to display map
FIXED! Error when editing user info from WP Dashboard
FIXED! An alert is showing on add listing page for some users
FIXED! Quick search not showing results instantly but working when refreshing the page
FIXED! Ajax generated listings on results page showing broken video links
FIXED! When pagination is user on listings page, refine search filters seems broken for some users
FIXED! Listing for car make logos is not showing correct results

v1.8.2 – 21 décembre 2016

NEW! WhatsApp share button for social sharing options
UPDATED! Revolution slider to latest version
FIXED! Social sharing disable option at Theme Options not working
FIXED! Some styling bugs
FIXED! Category select mandatory on add listing page
FIXED! Filters not working on browser back/forward action

v1.8.1 – 13 août 2016

UPDATED! Google Maps API Key support
UPDATED! Redux Framework

v1.8 – 05 juillet 2016

UPDATED! Revolution Slider to latest version 5.2.6
FIXED! Escape attribute removed from custom css option field output
FIXED! Pagination of listing should have resize function on ajax success
FIXED! Problem with currency format
FIXED! Comma allowed for pricing field
FIXED! Limited category selection on listings when using imi classifieds plugin
FIXED! News section not getting disabled on Home template
FIXED! Newsletter form not giving any confirmation on submit
FIXED! Contact Form success message was not translatable
NEW! Option to disable captcha
FIXED! Related listings image specification not working
FIXED! Image type specification always showing first image
NEW! Search over form for Revolution Slider option
FIXED! Broken layout in header style 4 template
FIXED! Lightbox option Magnific Popup not working for Listings

v1.7.5 – 01 juin 2016

UPDATED! Revolution Slider plugin to latest version
UPDATED! Font Awesome to latest version
FIXED! While creating a new listing through WP admin: Below the ?Specifications? dropdown shows warning
FIXED! Listings without vehicle images shows no thumbnail. Even it has been set In theme options > default pic of vehicle
FIXED! Issue regarding property location on google map. It was displaying user location's zip code instead of property location.
FIXED! Login/Register page showing error when visited by a non registered user
FIXED! Bug in shortcodes generator in the latest release
FIXED! Specifications area is not showing when select any "listing category" and after unselecting it specifications area is back, but empty
FIXED! While adding a new listing. Inserting price with decimal causes it to display invalid.
FIXED! "Home Third Template" Clicking on the "Create Ad Now" button on the plans will direct to "404 Page Not Found" 
FIXED! Unwanted space in the listing details page accordion area
FIXED! Search form over the banner doesn't produce results
FIXED! Author field inside listing page not updating when change to another user, it just change back to the default user
FIXED! Google map doesn?t show the location of the advert instead it displays the location of user on listing page
FIXED! Captcha string translation not working
FIXED! Contact.php string translation not working
FIXED! Updated get_currentuserinfo deprecated method
FIXED! Blank rows in specification should be hidden on single details page
FIXED! Keywords search not working while using char type of specifications
FIXED! Until sold static written for plan in shortcode.php and template-home-third.php file
FIXED! Pricing table currency postfix prefix not working in template-home-third file
FIXED! pages-flex.php have error of range slider min/max values

v1.7.4 – 02 mai 2016

UPDATED! Revolution Slider to latest version
UPDATED! Meta Box plugin to latest version
FIXED! Template blog not showing correct dates for posts
FIXED! A bug in template-compare.php
FIXED! Some styling bugs 

v1.7.3 – 30 mars 2016

 FIXED! Styling for newly added captcha on contact and registration forms
FIXED! Add shortcake button styling
FIXED! Specifications not showing on single listing page when imi classifieds plugin is being used

v1.7.2 – 22 mars 2016

NEW! Captcha added for all inbuilt forms for single listing
NEW! Option to login with email address as well along with username
UPDATED! template-add-listing.php template-dashboard.php, imic-theme-functions.php, meta_field.php and search-one.php
FIXED! Mega attributes like target and class not working when a menu is inserted in a megamenu column
FIXED! Monthly plan not subtracting listings
FIXED! Bug in shortcodes.php
FIXED! custom js escaping attributes theme options value
FIXED! view video not working when data reload using ajax
FIXED! Default image for listings at Theme Options not working
FIXED! listing taxonomy permalinks not working for categories
FIXED! vehicle-add.js file select field reset
FIXED! Refine search dropdown on listing page not working for some users
FIXED! Error in newsletter.php
FIXED! Child field doesn't load automatically if using child theme 

v1.7.1 – 21 janvier 2016

FIXED! Shortcodes not working for some users
FIXED! Free plans not working
FIXED! Admin child specifications not showing for some specifications
FIXED! Related listings on single listing page sometimes showing sold listing

v1.7 – 09 janvier 2016

NEW! Monthly Membership plans
NEW! Plans category taxonomy added
NEW! Range selection filters for search forms
NEW! Separate start and end point for range filter
UPDATED! Child fields load automatically by their respective parent value in back end of listing
FIXED! WPML issue in add listing form
FIXED! Form scroll to top if any mandatory field left in add listing form
FIXED! Child specifications doesn't load in back end for listing section
FIXED! Search over slider issue form was not working
FIXED! Google Map shortcode in single-cars.php should have "" for map location was not showing correct location
FIXED! Some strings are not translatable in footer.php file

v1.6 – 02 décembre 2015

NEW! Add any option for child field in search form, so that it could search all listing of parent field
NEW! RTL option included
NEW! Additional child theme added for users who need to use theme as a single dealer
NEW! Option to choose magnetic popup in place of pretty photo
NEW! Range filter for search filters
FIXED! Specifications not showing in listing if any key removed from repeatable field
FIXED! News section was not getting disabled on homepage
FIXED! Sort by filter doesn't keep existing filters
FIXED! Enquiry forms should have message of successful
FIXED! Integer specification doesn't have space while using custom title
FIXED! Child specification filter doesn't show due to index not found
FIXED! Add listing js numeric validation bug
FIXED! Child values doesn't show in single-cars.php file
FIXED! search-one.php file mistakenly placed in includes folder, now removed
FIXED! meta_field.php should have check value if exists instead of index

v1.5 – 17 novembre 2015

NEW! Option for Reset Password
NEW! Now theme support WP All ImportFIXED! Specifications was not loading on listings page while using listing plugin
NEW! Inquiry form email will show Listing URL instead of ID
NEW! Language .po file added for Listing Plugin
NEW! Added vk social icon options for header/footer and sharing buttons
NEW! Shortcode added for the dealers list
UPDATED! Listing single page images slider to more advanced
UPDATED! Revolution Slider to latest version
FIXED! Gallery page template category selection was not working
FIXED! Some WPML bugs
FIXED! Google map was not showing on listing details page
FIXED! Compare listing template was not working fine with Classifieds plugin
FIXED! Issue with media uploader for front end in Google Chrome
FIXED! Classified settings page was not getting updated in WP Dashboard
FIXED! Issue with some translations strings
FIXED! Issue with child values not loading for some users
FIXED! UX problem with login register forms
FIXED! Listings pagination was not working fine, preventing page counts to max 7
FIXED! Listings single page inquiry forms were delivering to admin now will be sent to dealer/seller
FIXED! News section was not getting disabled on template home 1

v1.4.1 – 03 septembre 2015

NEW! Default language file added
NEW! Option to use WP Media Uploader on Add Listings Page
NEW! Option to set image upload field as mandatory
NEW! Billing Info fields from Add Listings Page will be hidden if Pricing Plans are disabled
NEW! Option to add currency in Pricing Plans
UPDATED! Revolution Slider to Latest Version
FIXED! IE Browser Issues for Add Listings and Listing View Page Templates 
FIXED! Pagination not showing all pages after some listings
FIXED! Search results were not getting accurate
FIXED! Recent Listings were not having correct order on page refresh or on sorting
FIXED! Listings expiry date were not saving for some users
FIXED! Search over slider issue while using revolution slider
FIXED! Mostly Viewed Listings showing Draft Listings post as well

v1.4 – 24 juillet 2015

NEW! Classifieds demo added
NEW! Multiple category option for listings
NEW! Added title field for listing
NEW! Set time expiration for listing in your pricing plan
FIXED! Header sticky disable option not working
FIXED! Footer position in boxed layout on Blog(index.php) page 

v1.3.1 – 30 juin 2015

prettyPhoto XSS fix

v1.3 – 22 juin 2015

NEW! Option for plans whether admin wants to activate it or not
NEW! Option for listing status Ex- Under Review and Active Instantly
NEW! Child specification was not working in search shortcode
NEW! Child specification was not working in search filter
NEW Km/Miles option for calculating distance
NEW! Currency option for mortgage calculator
NEW! Listing details page can now also have option for shortcode of forms or totally disable the inquiry forms
NEW! Extra tabs option for listing details page
FIXED! Content was not showing on single blog page

v1.2 – 3 juin 2015

NEW! Password strength meter and password generator for signup popup and form widget
NEW! Search form shortcakes (2 types)
NEW! Option to choose the default form for ad listing page either be search or custom details
NEW! Auto move to next step on Add Listing Wizard
FIXED! Car details page forms was not working
FIXED! Wrong number of listing showing in search filters sidebar

v1.1 – 1 juin 2015

FIXED! Homepage Social Icons format on small screens
FIXED! Demo Price attribute not displaying
FIXED! Mobile menu getting hidden on touch scroll

v1.0.0 – 24 mai 2015

Initial Release

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