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Listing Genius is a complete solution for an online business directory Platform where it allows you to create and maintain directory for any type products, services, and contact information on a website. It is well categorized and searchable in format. It provides a centralized platform for consumers to search for local businesses based on their location and specific needs.

Our Listing Genius System includes a wide range of categories, from restaurants and hotels to medical services and Cars etc. Each listing contains important information about the business or service, including contact information, hours of operation, and a brief description of the services they offer.

It allows businesses to create a profile or listing, which can include information such as the business name, address, phone number, website, social media links, product and service offerings, customer reviews, and ratings.It helps businesses reach a wider audience and increase their online presence. This is simple but very robust script. You can get all feature to make it fully functional script. Admin can maintain website content without any hassle from home page manage. Everything is dynamic and can setup from admin panel. This CMS Includes almost everything you need to make an online directory Platform and fully responsive for any device. Admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge.

The Listing Genius script will make you Successful for sure in the Multipurpose Directory platform Business arena as well as it will save your Marketing cost also for this one you don't need any Coding Skills. Listing Genius may assist you to handle unlimited users, handle languages, plugins and user-friendly frontend settings.

If you are looking for the Best All in One Directory Platform Script which will grow your business to the next level then Listing Genius will be the right choice for you. It takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. So, Let's Start Your own online Directory Platform Website with Listing Genius.

Admin Panel:

  • Standard Dashboard Statistics
  • Get total number of Directory
  • Get total number of booking request
  • Able to Directory reviews and active customers number
  • Dashboard return number of blocked customers
  • Total plans and transaction number
  • Get total tickets number
  • Dashboard return Recent joined users list
  • Dynamic menu builders Opportunity
  • Able to create plans
  • Existing plan management
  • Categories Management
  • Handle & manage Amenities
  • Location Management
  • Able to create new Directory listing
  • Directory listing management
  • Directory Reviews
  • Booking request management
  • Directory enquiry management
  • Advanced Customers management system
  • Handling Transactions
  • Blog Category Handling
  • Blog Post Management
  • Logo, Favicon, and Loader Management.
  • Advanced Website Contents Management.
  • Footer and Error Page Management
  • Advanced Theme Management
  • Smart Website Maintainance Feature
  • Cookie Concent settings
  • Custom CSS Applying Opportunity
  • Hero and Partner Section Handling
  • Mission Section Contents Management
  • Process Section Management
  • Listing Submit Section Handling
  • Manages Download apps section
  • Call to action section settings
  • FAQ section management
  • Manages all the section heading
  • Homepage Customization
  • Email Templates Management
  • Opportunity to Configure the Email
  • Group Email Sending Feature
  • Customer conversation management
  • Manages Payment Gateways
  • Smart Currency Management
  • Social Links Management
  • Website and Admin Panel Language Settings
  • Standard Google Analytics
  • Manages Website Meta Keywords
  • Smart Staff Management
  • Manages All the Subscribers
  • Advanced Roles Management
  • Able to manages Fonts
  • Manu page and other pages handling
  • Sitemaps handling
  • Subscribers Management
  • Smart Clear Cache Feature
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System

User Panel

  • Dashboard Statistics
  • Recent Subscription and follwers list
  • Get all the own transactions list
  • Able to create new listing
  • Get own listing informations
  • Get saved listings
  • Return own booking lists
  • Get Pricing plan
  • Show all the send/in messages
  • Get Hotel Booking requests
  • Manages Resturants booking request
  • Get Beauty Booking Requests
  • Customer Enquiry Management
  • Get own enquiries list
  • Dyanmic Analytics
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System

Other Dynamic Features

  • User can send message through contact section
  • Can create comment in blog section
  • Standard Blog Sharing Feature
  • Advanced Searching and Sorting Technique
  • Pricing Plans purchase feature
  • Able to subscribe the system


website: https://demo.geniusocean.com/directory/

Demo User login: https://royalscripts.com/test/listing/user/login

User Login:
User: [email protected]

Demo Admin login: https://royalscripts.com/test/listing/admin/login

Admin Login:
User: [email protected]


We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of customization, support, query and suggestion. We will respond as soon as possible.

Support Desk URL: https://geniusocean.net/support

Thank you,

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